Initial consultations €1

We are so eager to meet new clients that we charge a nominal fee of only €1 for the initial consultation. So if you have had an accident or injury* and would like to discuss all of your options in confidence and on an informal basis, we would love to hear from you. For your convenience, you may schedule a meeting through this website, or by contacting our reception.

Welcome to our website.

We offer services in the areas of personal injury* litigation and employment law disputes.

We aim to be highly approachable, and if you would like to discuss a legal issue impacting upon you, we offer an initial consultation for a nominal fee of €1.00.

We are always very happy to meet with new prospective clients and the purpose of the initial meeting is for us to be able to understand your prospective case, and to advise you on your options and any costs implications if you decide to go forward with your case.