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An assault occurs when you are caused to anticipate a non consensual physical contact. A battery is the physical contact itself. False imprisonment occurs when you are restrained and your freedom is unlawfully limited. Defamation is the loss or damage to a good reputation.

The typical context in which we are often instructed is that a person may be visiting shops, and confronted in public by security personnel. Bags may be searched, and words may be used by such security personnel to imply that you have committed a criminal offence. It is not unusual in these circumstances for physical contact to be made or for some degree of confinement.

Obviously, there is a range of severity in these kinds of situations ranging from polite and civil confrontation up to the use of serious physical violence resulting in injury and distress.

In other circumstances, a person may find themselves a victim of gossip, or indeed find that they are the subject of an article in a newspaper or online journal which attacks their character and reputation.

Whatever the circumstances, compensation can be sought in relation to assaults, batteries, false imprisonment and defamation.

If you feel that your rights have been breached, please do not hesitate to contact us.